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Annual HOA Board Meeting, Tuesday, 02/23 at 5pm: Attend Virtually With Simple Links Below

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Dear Residents,

The Board of Directors of the Spinnaker Bay Homeowners Association would like to invite you to virtually attend our Annual HOA Board Meeting for 2021. We've made it really simple with with the links below.

For those that have never attended a Board Meeting, the Board is excited for you to join! You can get a breakdown of the format and learn how our Board Meetings work by referring to the post about the January HOA Board Meeting in the "News & Updates" section of this website.

For those who have attended before, welcome back!

The Annual Meeting is a little different than the other monthly meetings as it includes the results of this year's election for two openings on the Board of Directors. The Board will also discuss and provide updates on ongoing, new and upcoming projects throughout the neighborhood. For a detailed list of the agenda items, please click on the blue "Meeting Agenda" link below:

Meeting Agenda

How to Join the Meeting at 5pm on Tuesday, 02/23:

  • Option 1: If you are already familiar with Zoom and have used it before, simply click on the blue "2021 Annual HOA Board Meeting" link below. Once you do, you'll be placed in a virtual waiting room until the meeting begins.

2021 Annual HOA Board Meeting

  • Option 2: If you are new to Zoom and are not familiar with how it works, not to worry, you can simply join by using your web browser and clicking the blue "New To Zoom" link below. Just enter your name, follow the prompts and enter the meeting Passcode: 462236.

New To Zoom

Thank you for being part of the Spinnaker Bay Community.


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