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Architectural Enhancement Committee: Positions Available

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Hi Spinnaker Bay Residents,

Hope everyone is doing well. The Spinnaker Bay HOA, Board of Directors wanted to share some information about their new Architectural Enhancement Committee and announce available openings to those who may be interested in participating.

The Architectural Enhancement Committee or AEC, is a newly formed committee intended and designed to put together new concepts and ideas that would enhance our architectural guidelines, which would then be presented to the HOA Board of Directors for consideration. The concepts and ideas will be designed for the betterment of our community and be based on feedback from our Residents, as well as, the Architectural Enhancement Committee itself.

Our Chairperson for the Architectural Enhancement Committee is Spinnaker Bay Resident, Sherri Selmanson. The AEC is looking to add creative members of our community that would be willing to collaborate and help shape these new ideas and concepts. Any Spinnaker Bay Resident can apply and backgrounds in architecture or design are always a plus.

If you are interested, please contact Sherri Selmanson by looking her up in our community directory. Or you can contact Ashley Boardman ( at Lordon Property Management and CC her assistant Susanna Cervantes ( to express your interest.


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