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Board Decision on Security Patrol Services

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Recently, the Spinnaker Bay HOC Board requested feedback from the community on the topic of hiring a private security firm to patrol the neighborhood for approx. 6-hours every night. The service included (1) unarmed, uniformed security officer, in a marked patrol car, cruising the neighborhood nightly, for a 6-hour period.

Over 200 households were polled and asked if they were in favor of each paying a minimum $25 monthly fee, for this service. There were a total of 57 responses from the 200 polled households. 39 responses were in favor of paying for the new security patrol service, 18 responses were against paying for the service. The 39 'yes' votes out of a total of 200 polled households represents only 20% in favor of the new security patrol service.

Therefore, after reviewing the crime statistics in Spinnaker Bay for the last 12 months, analyzing the most recent incidents that have occurred, including all of the information from the community, and investigating the services proposed by several security companies, the Board has decided not to contract for nightly security patrols at this time.

A key component of this decision was the fact that the Spinnaker Bay Community can alleviate these crimes of convenience by adhering to a few basic guidelines:

  • Park two vehicles in the garage, not on the street or driveway.

  • Lock all vehicle doors and windows and keep valuables out of sight.

  • Use a lockbox in your mailbox.

  • Consider adding security cameras on your property.

  • Report all suspicious behavior or crimes to the police.

Rest assured, that if crime in the Spinnaker Bay Community should escalate, the Board stands ready to reconsider their decision on a nightly security patrol service.


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