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Community News: What The Board Has Been Up To & HOA Meeting Reminder

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Hi Spinnaker Bay Neighbors!

It's officially summertime in the LBC and life is starting to feel normal again! As we ready ourselves for another one of our magical summers, we'd like to share with you some updates about what the Spinnaker Bay HOA Board has been up to over the past month.

But first...a quick reminder about the HOA Board Meeting this evening. This month and moving forward, the meeting will begin at 5pm. Per your feedback, the start time of these meetings has been moved later in the afternoon so that more of you will be able to attend. Please see the details below:

June 2021, HOA Board Meeting

Date: Tuesday, June 22nd

Time: 5:00pm

Location: El Dorado Park -- 2400 N. Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815

***This month the meeting will be in the café area in a private room. It's hard to miss once you pull into the parking lot. Next month, the Board hopes to return to thier home at the Long Beach Yacht Club. If you want to set your calendars, the HOA Board Meetings always take place on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Ok, now to the good stuff. This is what your HOA Board has been up to this past month:

The Spinnaker Bay HOA, Board of Directors is happy to inform you that the bulkhead and seawall repair project will begin in the next few weeks. They have carefully vetted the company performing the work and feel confident that they are the right pros for the job. They are also currently interviewing and vetting companies for the painting of our iron fences as well as repairs of the stucco walls in the common areas. The Board hopes to make a decision and move forward following tonights meeting.


Another one of the projects occurring in our neighborhood is the landscaping along Spinnaker Bay Drive which is getting a refresh. The landscape committee and KC Landscape have been doing a wonderful job and are getting it done. They plan to work their way to the end of Spinnaker Bay Drive and then down into the private streets. In the past several weeks, KC Landscape has also removed several dead palm trees on the backside of our community along Boat House Lane.

Irrigation Box Cover Replacement

You may have also noticed that that the Board of Directors has started replacing some of our old irrigation box covers that were in pretty rough shape. Below are some before and after photos.

How it started:

How it's going:

Cable Pedestal Box Removal and Replacement

After a months long effort, the Secretary of our Board managed to get Charter/Spectrum to remove all their old cable pedestal boxes in the neighborhood, which were a real eye sore in the common areas. Most were leaning and had multiple shades of peeling green paint.

In total, nine pedestal boxes were removed and replaced with faux rock covers, a significant improvement. Charter/Spectrum even agreed to remove a box at the corner of Eliot and Spinnaker Bay Drive. They found that there was actually no equipment in there, so they made that one flush with the grass.

At first, Charter/Spectrum insisted that our old boxes were fine and that it would cost the community approximately $8,000 in labor and parts if we wanted them replaced. But our Board member pushed back and was able to convince them that the boxes were not fine or up to the standards of Spinnaker Bay. Ultimately, they agreed to get it done at no cost to our community. A nice win for Spinnaker Bay! Below are some before and after photos.



Meeting with Councilwoman Suzie Price

As you all know, we have a water main replacement project set to begin in August of 2022. Next month, the HOA Board has arranged a meeting with Councilwoman Suzie Price to ensure that the needs of Spinnaker Bay residents are met during that time. They will be insisting that the city completely replace and restore all of the stamped concrete on our crosswalks and roundabouts as well as repave all of our streets, including Spinnaker Bay Drive.

New Committees

Over the past month, along with the help of our awesome volunteers, the Spinnaker Bay, Board of Directors has created two new committees and will be discussing the formation of a possible third at tonight’s meeting. The two new committees include the Welcome Committee, which is set to welcome new homeowners into the neighborhood and the Events Committee, which will be responsible for social gatherings and events in Spinnaker Bay throughout the year.

The Board also the had the opportunity to interview two fantastic candidates for the new opening on the Architectural Review Committee. This will all be discussed at tonight's meeting.

All in all, it's been a busy month. Our HOA Board has been hard at work and getting things done, one step at a time.


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