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Community Update: HOA Board Meeting, September Float Party & Other News

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hi Spinnaker Bay Neighbors!

Hope you all have had a wonderful Summer so far. With about a month left, there is still plenty of sunshine and fun activities in and around our neighborhood to enjoy.


August HOA Board Meeting

First, a quick reminder that the Spinnaker Bay HOA Board Meeting for the month of August will take place tomorrow at the Long Beach Yacht Club. As a general note, our HOA Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month, other than the month of December (due to the Holidays). For more information about tomorrow's meeting, please click on the link below to visit the Events Page of our Community Website for all the details:

HOA Board Meeting, Tuesday, August 23rd @ The Long Beach Yacht Club

If you arrive at 5pm or after and you find that the door to our meeting room at the Long Beach Yacht is closed, please feel free to knock and open the door. If the Executive Session is running long and is still in process, you will be informed along with an updated estimate of when the Regular Session will begin.

*As an aside, the HOA Board and the Architectural Enhancement Committee have been working hard at putting together new approved colors and paint palettes for our homes. While this is a complex task, meaningful progress has been made. The Board has approved 8 new stucco colors and is in the process of finalizing trim and accent colors for these palette options. If anyone is considering repainting their home, you are welcome to view the new approved stucco colors by contacting the HOA Board.


Spinnaker Bay Duffy Charges - Hot September Float Party

Save the Date: Sunday, September 11 - Bring your swim trunks and water toys and enjoy a float on the water with the Spinnaker Bay Duffy Chargers for their 2nd annual Hot Summer Float Party! Details Below:

*** Important to Note: You may have noticed newly installed, "No Swimming Allowed" signs posted along the entry gates of our Marina. This is for your own safety. Please remember to bring your kayaks, standup paddle-boards and other similar floating devices for the Annual Float Party. ***


Water Main Replacement Project Set to Begin

We had our water main replacement project open forum meeting earlier this Month. This provided some useful insight and allowed residents to ask questions to address their concerns. Here are some of the basics:

The water main replacement project is set to begin in the next few weeks. This will be Phase 1 of the project with an anticipated completion date of June 2023. The scope of the project will begin at the intersection of Elliot and Spinnaker Bay Drive. It will continue through Parson's landing and include all side streets in between (excluding Empire Landing, where the water main was replaced approximately 10 years ago).

As LBWD works their way down Spinnaker Bay Drive, they will be working in 500 ft sections at a time, during which one side of the street will be closed. The other side will be open for ingress, egress, deliveries, etc. The biggest impact other than the noise associated with the project will be parking on Spinnaker Bay Drive along the 500 ft closures. No parking will be allowed along those sections during the day, and while overnight parking is still possible in those areas, all vehicles must be moved prior to commencement of work during the following business day. If you park on Spinnaker Bay Drive, please plan accordingly.

Best efforts will be made by LBWD to ensure ingress and egress to and from your home. According to LBWD, disruptions in availability of water to your home are anticipated to take place only twice, per home throughout the process. These shutoffs can last anywhere between 30 min to 4 hours. In the event of a water shutoff to your home, advanced warning will be provided so you can plan accordingly.

These closures should not impact things like Amazon deliveries, etc. Once the water mains have been replaced, we should be in good shape for another 30 years or so.

As an aside, the HOA Board has budgeted to repave or re-slurry seal our private streets to give a "good as new" finish once the work is completed. Please keep in mind that Spinnaker Bay Drive is technically a public road and the HOA does not have the ability to do the same for SBD. However, the HOA has been able to negotiate a re-slurry of the entirety of Spinnaker Bay Drive once the replacement of the water main is finished at the completion of Phase 2 down the line. This will help eliminate the look of patch work and should give Spinnaker Bay Drive a "like new" look following completion.


"Thirsty Thursdays" - Community Happy Hours

Thank you to all those who attended our monthly Happy Hour last week. We had a great turnout and hope that attendance to this fun and casual event continues to grow in the coming months. These monthly happy hours are just one of the steps that the HOA is taking to bring more social activities to our neighborhood.

Save The Date: Thirsty Thursdays are set to take place the 3rd Thursday of every month.


Coyotes Spotted in the Neighborhood & Pets On Leashes

We have had continued reports of coyotes roaming our neighborhood. If you have small pets, please consider taking extra precautions.

Also, please ensure you leash your pets when walking the neighborhood. We understand your pets may be very well behaved, however we also have neighbors that have recently adopted pets that may have been rescued and are not yet fully socialized.

When unleashed dogs or other pets approach (well behaved, in a playful manner or otherwise), these newly adopted pets can experience trauma and demonstrate "leash aggression." This is obviously an awkward and potentially dangerous situation for both pet owners and their pets, all of which can be avoided.


The Boat House Lane Task Force Update

Last week, the Boat House Task Force met with Councilwoman, Suzie Price and the LBPD. Councilwoman Price has been very responsive and supportive of our neighborhood and is doing everything she can to mitigate and discourage some of the unfavorable activities occurring in the evening hours at Marine Stadium. Per the LBPD, if you see something that poses a threat or seems suspicious, PLEASE, please contact their non-emergency phone number at (562) 435-6711.

The more incidents we report, the more resources the LBPD will allocate to our neighborhood -- meaning increased police presence. We'd like to thank the Boat House Lane Task Force and other Spinnaker Bay Residents involved for all their efforts.


Wrought Iron and Stucco Repair Project

As of now, the majority of this work has been completed. There remains some work towards the end of our neighborhood near the Regatta section that is to be wrapped up shortly. The magnitude of this project has exceeded initial scope as more and more areas of damaged stucco were found when the work commenced. As our contractor has committed to providing high quality and thorough work, this project has taken longer than initially anticipated.

It's understood that there will need to be some touch-up on areas already completed. If you are a Resident that needs touch-ups and you haven't done so already, please contact Lordon Property Management to ensure that any touch-ups that your fence/stucco may need are logged and will not be missed.

It is also probably a good idea to mark these areas with blue painters tape (which can be purchased at Lowes, Home Depot or most paint shops), so that these areas are easily spotted by the touch-up crew and that the areas of concern are not missed during the touch-up process.


Recent Car Break-ins in Spinnaker Bay

In recent weeks, it has been reported that some vehicles parked in driveways or Spinnaker Bay Drive have experienced break-ins. In almost all cases, the vehicle owner has been confident that they had locked their cars. Most items taken are not of great value, but having your car broken into is scary and can make you feel violated.

No signs of forced entry were reported in these incidents. So it appears that whoever is responsible, is using a tool (such as a "Slim-Jim" like AAA would use) to unlock these vehicles. The items taken appear to be low hanging fruit. To avoid becoming a victim, please be mindful and avoid leaving any items in your cars that may be parked in your driveway or on the street.

As a reminder, these thieves also have the ability to boost the signal that your car key emits which allows your car to be locked or unlocked by touching your door handle. One way to help avoid becoming a victim, especially if you park your car in your driveway, is to store your keys far away from the front door so that this potential form of entry can be mitigated or eliminated.


Short-Term Rentals - Posted Signs Around the Neighborhood: AirBnb, VRBO and Similar Vacation Rental Platforms

Many of you may have noticed the "Hearing Signs" posted around the neighborhood. Here is some information and background for context. First, there isn’t anything that we have to do individually as Homeowners to avoid AirBnBs and similar short-term rentals (under 30 days) in our neighborhood.

The HOA Board has been working on this item for the past couple of years. Up until 2022, the Board had managed to get our entire neighborhood on an exclusionary list from being used as AirBnB rentals (or rentals on similar vacation rental platforms). However, this year, the Coastal Commission stepped in and said that our neighborhood could not be included on the City’s exclusionary list unless it gets approval from the Coastal Commission, as Spinnaker Bay falls under their jurisdiction.

The Board was presented with a formal process and is currently working with the City and the Coastal Commission for approval to disallow vacation rentals in Spinnaker Bay at the City level. This hearing is a formality for the approval process.

I hope that this provides some clarity on this matter.


Other Upcoming Events

To stay up to date and see all upcoming events in and around Spinnaker Bay, you can always visit our Community Website at and click on the "Events" page tab on the Home Page.

The "Events Page," can also be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Upcoming Events - In & Around Spinnaker Bay

Thanks for being part of this community and for using our Community Website to stay informed! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful Summer!

All the best,

Spinnaker Bay Community Website


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