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Community Website: New Features!

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Happy Friday Spinnaker Bay!

Some exciting news to share; our community website has 2 new features!

  • Events Calendar

  • Community Forum

The events calendar will be featured on the "Homepage" of the website and can also be accessed by clicking on the new "Events" tab towards the top of any webpage on the site. Similarly, our new community forum can be accessed on the "Homepage" or by clicking on the "Community Forum" tab at the top of any webpage on the site.


Events Calendar

We now have an events Calendar which will allow you to see upcoming events in and around Spinnaker Bay. Previously, events were announced via a post and only included those that specifically related to our neighborhood. Our new events calendar will continue to feature those events, as well as other events that many of us enjoy nearby and around Spinnaker Bay.

An example would include the Concerts in the Park, that many of our residents appreciate. For all the details of the Concert in the Park at Marine Stadium this Sunday, May 15th and other upcoming events, please click on the link below:

Concert in the Park this Sunday, May 15 from 5-7pm and other Events

If you come across an event that you feel would be of interest to our community, please feel free to email Best efforts will be made to update the events calendar in a timely manner.

Community Forum

Another exciting feature to announce is our new community forum. This is a place where you can engage with your neighbors, ask questions and much more! Please note that this new feature is private. In order to use our new community forum, all members will first need to be verified and approved. As such, it is important to include your real name and contact information for verification purposes. This will eliminate those that do not live in Spinnaker Bay from participating in our discussions.

As this is a private forum and only intended for Homeowners and Residents of Spinnaker Bay, please do not share anything posted on our forum with the general public. Additionally, make sure to read and familiarize yourself with the forum rules, as well as its terms & conditions.

Please remember to be respectful of this community and the forum when you choose to post. Most importantly, we are all neighbors.

For any questions, concerns or to report posts that may violate the forum rules or terms & conditions, you can email

***Please note that this feature is in "Beta." This means that it is in a testing phase and is subject to being refined.


As a final note, the purpose and intent of this website has been and will continue to be for the benefit and enjoyment of our Homeowners and Residents. It is meant to keep our neighborhood informed and bring our community closer together.

Thank you for being part of this Community!


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