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Coyotes in Spinnaker Bay & Other News

Happy Friday Spinnaker Bay!

The unofficial start of Summer has come and gone and hopefully everyone was able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Over the past week or so, some of our residents have come across coyotes in our neighborhood. Most of these sightings were early in the morning. This is a reminder that these coyotes are around and most active throughout the night. If you have small pets or outdoor cats, please be cautious as these coyotes often prowl the streets when they are hungry and looking for food. This may also include food left outside for your pets.

On a separate note, one of our Homeowners is currently looking to rent a boat slip. If you have a boat slip that you would be interested in renting, please reply directly to the email notification you received for this post and I'll be happy to put the two of you in touch.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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