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Important Update: Covid-19 Vaccine in Long Beach

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Just got some new information from a Resident that had an appointment and got the vaccine today. First, its a drive-thru vaccination and there is a line, which I am told is about 45 minutes to an hour long. Second, if your husband, wife, partner or significant other is under 75 and goes with you to your appointment, you can ask if they also can get vaccinated and they may say yes. This was true for the Resident that just provided me this information.

Additionally, here is the latest on the Covid-19 vaccine distribution in Long Beach. This coming week Long Beach will launch their own appointment portal they will call VaxLB. So please be on the lookout for that. Long Beach plans to start allowing appointments for those 65+ starting January 23rd. Below, I'm providing a link to an article from ABC News which includes more information and details. Please click on the link below that says "Covid-19 Vaccine Update" in blue.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

All the best and good health to all,

Marc Kamyab


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