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May 2023: Community News Roundup

Hi Spinnaker Bay Neighbors,

Below is a roundup of recent news, events and updates around our neighborhood.

May HOA Boarding Meeting: ***Wednesday, 05/24/2023 @ 5pm***

Important to note that this month's HOA Boarding meeting will take place on Wednesday, May 24th at the Long Beach Yacht Club. Among other items, the Board will be discussing comments from Homeowners regarding the revised paint palette proposal sent out to the Community.

What: May HOA Board Meeting

When: Wednesday, May 24 @ 5pm

Where: Long Beach Yacht Club

Happy Hour: Tomorrow - Thursday, May 18th @ 5pm

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets and beverage of choice and come hang out with your neighbors for a casual and fun Happy Hour! This week we will also be playing "Name that Tune," if that is something you are interested in.

What: May HOA Board Meeting

When: Thursday, May 28 @ 5-7pm

Where: Main Greenbelt Between Blue Cavern Point & Empire Landing

Street Repairs on Spinnaker Bay Drive & Private Streets

This Friday (05/19/2023), contractors for the Long Beach Water Department will be repairing and repaving areas of asphalt on Spinnaker Bay Drive from Casino Point to Parsons Landing. The repairs will also include areas on Casino Point, China Point, Descanso Bay, Long Point, Blue Cavern Point and Parsons Landing.

For the sake of clarity, the Long Beach Water Department is not repaving all the asphalt on the aforementioned streets. They will be grinding approximately one foot of asphalt to either side of any trenches they dug during the current phase of the project, and will repave these areas such that they are more smooth and level.

Additionally, starting Monday (05/22/2023), the Long Beach Water Department will begin demolition and replacement of our roundabouts and crosswalks which were damaged during the project. This work will be completed one half at a time to allow for access to and from homes on the affected streets.

Please note that once all work has been completed, our HOA does have plans to completely repave the majority, if not all, of the private streets mentioned above. Unfortunately, our HOA can not do the same on Spinnaker Bay Drive as it is a public road. Once the 2nd phase of the water main replacement project is completed sometime next year, the Long Beach Water Department has stated their intent to slurry seal Spinnaker Bay Drive, which should improve its appearance significantly.

A Reminder For This Friday (05/19/2023)

  • Anticipate minor traffic delays due to paving work.

  • Please use caution when driving in the construction area.

  • Please observe all "NO PARKING" signs and move your vehicle from the area as required.

  • There will be no parking on Spinnaker Bay Drive from Eliot Street to Parsons Landing

  • See image from Long Beach Utilities below for your reference:

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and have a wonderful weekend!


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