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New Appointment Link For 65+: Covid-19 Vaccine Appointments Now Available for Long Beach Residents

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Quick update: I was just provided some new information and a new link for vaccine appointments for Long Beach residents ages 65+. If you plan to get the vaccine but have not been able to make an appointment, please click on the underlined blue link below and make your appointment as soon as possible. Appointment slots are limited. When entering address, under “County” make sure to select “City of Long Beach.” You only have to fill in the boxes/answer the questions that have a red asterisk.

Here is the information I received:

“Registration is now open for your tier! In order to register, you will need to show proof of Long Beach residency, such as a piece of mail, utility bill or driver license. Vaccination clinic will take place at the Long Beach Convention Center.

You will not need to leave your car to be vaccinated, but walk-ups (with appointments) are available. Please be prepared to be in line for a while but know your appointment will be honored if it’s on the same day. Proof of residency and being 65 or older is required - others not qualifying will be turned away at the site.

Please register at the below:

Appointments are available at the Long Beach Convention Center:

Wed, 1/20 11-6

The entrance will be on Seaside Way just east of Linden Avenue. To access head westbound on Shoreline Drive, then Northbound on Pine Avenue, then Eastbound on Seaside Way. Follow all signage and messaging directing you to the site.

Thank you for your commitment to public health by being vaccinated!"


Marc Kamyab


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