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Spinnaker Bay: Security Survey

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Good morning Spinnaker Bay Residents,

Recently we have had several incidents of theft in our neighborhood. Needless to say, we have some very concerned Residents regarding the security of our neighborhood.

The Spinnaker Bay HOA, Board of Directors is taking these concerns seriously and is looking into several options and acquiring quotes to present to the neighborhood for consideration. The Board would also like to know how you feel about the HOA implementing some type of security measure in the neighborhood.

As this is a hot topic for our Residents, our next meeting set to take place at 5pm at the Long Beach Yacht Club will be an Open Forum meeting. This will be different than our typically monthly meetings and will be more of a dialogue between our Residents and the Board regarding security matters. It is highly recommended that you attend if you are able.

Although the official number of police reports filed for incidents occurring in Spinnaker Bay over the past 12 months numbers at 5 , it is the Board's understanding that many incidents that occur go unreported.

Based on the Board's meeting with Councilwoman Suzie Price this week, the Board was informed that it is imperative that a police report be filed for any crime occurring in our neighborhood as this will dictate the allocation of police presence in our area.

Below is a link for an interactive map that will allow you to see what has been reported in Spinnaker Bay and our general area over the past 12 months. For more details click on the link below:

Long Beach Interactive Crime Map

As a reminder, many of these crimes are crimes of convenience. Some ways to help protect yourself and property against such incidents is to ensure all your doors are locked and windows are closed. Additionally, please make sure that your cars are locked, or better yet, park your cars in your garage if you are able.

More details regarding specific measures the Board is considering including quotes and costs, as well as benefits and limitations will be presented to our Residents for discussion at our Open Forum meeting on July 27th.

Below is a brief survey regarding these matters. There are a total of 5 questions. It should only take a minute or so to complete. This will help inform and guide the Board in the options we look into and pursue over the coming weeks.

Please submit only one survey per household and make sure to include your name and address in the last question provided. This information will be confidential and is strictly for the purposes of verification of Spinnaker Bay residency and to ensure that there are no duplicate survey submissions per household.

Please note that any survey that does not include the information requested in question #5 will not be included in the final results ultimately presented to the community. If more than one survey is submitted by a household, only the first submission will be counted in the final results.

Thanks in advance for your participation!


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