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The New Spinnaker Bay Community Website

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Welcome to the new Spinnaker Bay Community website! Your source for community news, updates and events.

(continued below)

Dear Residents of Spinnaker Bay, my name is Marc Kamyab and I am the newest Board Member of the Spinnaker Bay Homeowners Association. Though I've met many neighbors and have made some great friends in our community, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those who I have not yet had the pleasure to meet.

My parents moved to Spinnaker Bay in the late 90's. By that time, I was in college at UCLA and would often come down to their home to visit. I always loved this community, it's beauty, the lifestyle on the water and everything else that Spinnaker Bay has to offer. I dreamed of one day owning my own home here and starting a family, where I could raise my children in this amazing neighborhood. Last year, that dream came true when my wife, Rebecca and I bought our home on Blue Cavern Pt and had our first child, Milo, who just had his first birthday.

Here at Spinnaker Bay, we have a wonderful HOA Board. Everyone brings to the table their own unique knowledge and skill set. From what I have experienced in my brief tenure, I truly feel like our strengths compliment each other well.

As a new Board member, I wanted to start by making a meaningful contribution to our community, by using my strengths to create a Spinnaker Bay community website. When I first proposed the idea to the Board, it was well received. My task was clear; create a simple and easy to use website that does not require a login.

I wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy the use of our website, whether you are tech savvy or not. I hope that I have accomplished that task. As long as you can receive an email or type the name of our website into your web browser, you have access to all that our website has to offer.

I also want to make clear, as there will be no requirement to login, no personal or private information of any Resident would ever be posted on the website.

This website can be accessed on your desktop or mobile device. The initial release of the site is meant to inform the community of "News and Updates" via emails and the news and updates feed, allow Residents to contact Lordon directly via email, provide access to the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines and Forms as well as our Rules and Regulations, and let Residents know who the Board members of our Homeowners Association are that serve our community.

If you have received a notification of this post via email, that's because you have been auto-subscribed to receive "News and Updates." If at anytime, you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you can opt-out by simply clicking the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email you received.

If your spouse, partner or anybody else in your household would like to receive notifications of our "News and Updates" via email, they can easily do so by typing their email address and clicking the "Submit" button on the subscribe section towards the top of our Homepage.

I'd also like to extend a special thanks to one of our Residents, Mr. Jack Irvin, our local real estate agent and expert, for his permission to use of some of the beautiful images of our community you see on this website.

I hope you enjoy and find our new community website useful.


Marc Kamyab

Spinnaker Bay Resident


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