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Tips to Avoid Road Construction: In and Around Spinnaker Bay

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Good afternoon Spinnaker Bay,

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Just wanted to share some quick tips for getting in, out and around some of the road construction and closures in Spinnaker Bay and near our neighborhood.

In Spinnaker Bay: Water Main Replacement Project

Some of you may have received an email informing you that there is an alternate entry/exit out of Spinnaker Bay at Parson's Landing via Boat House Lane. The gate at Parson's Landing leading to Marine Stadium is typically open from about 8am to 4:30pm during construction.

If you'd like to avoid getting held up on Spinnaker Bay Drive as our water mains are replaced, please consider the alternate route highlighted in yellow below:

Again, this gate at Parson's Landing is typically open from 8am to 4:30pm.


Around Spinnaker Bay: Colorado Lagoon Project

Some of you may have also noticed the commencement of work on the Colorado Lagoon Open Channel Project, connecting the Colorado Lagoon to Marine Stadium. This project is anticipated to be completed sometime in 2024. For more details and the latest updates about the project, please click on the link below:

Colorado Lagoon Open Channel Project

As of yesterday both Elliot Street and Colorado Street were closed. These closures mean that we will likely need to plan for an alternate route if heading in that direction. Please see below for a potential detour route if you need to get around the Colorado Lagoon.

From the intersection of Spinnaker Bay Drive and Elliot Street, make a right onto Elliot. Next, make a left on Flint Avenue (alternatively you can make a left at Bellflower). Then make a left on 6th Street, which will take you to the roundabout at Park Avenue that allows you to go around the lagoon and head south. Please see the yellow highlighted route above for your reference.

Yesterday, there was a bit of traffic at the roundabout at 6th Street and Park Avenue so it may be beneficial to allow for an extra 5-10 minutes if you need to get somewhere at a specific time.

Hope these tips are helpful.

Happy Holidays!


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