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Urgent: Spinnaker Bay - Updated Neighborhood Directory Info

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Hi Spinnaker Bay Neighbors,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Two of our super Residents, Bobbie Cusato and Jack Irvin have taken on the daunting task of updating our Spinnaker Bay Neighborhood Watch Directory and we need your help. This Directory is for every Resident, including Renters, so that we can reach each other in case of emergency.

Some of you may have already seen and/or turned in the bright green contact cards that were put in your mailboxes (high-five to Charlie Stroud for being kind enough to walk the entire neighborhood to deliver those to everyone 🙌 ). However, there are still many Residents that have not yet responded or provided their updated contact information.

This year, I'm providing another option that may be more convenient for you to provide your information. All you have to do is answer the questions below. Make sure to scroll to the bottom, click "Next" and then "Done". That's it!

If your information was in the 2020 Directory and hasn't changed, you can just answer the first 2 questions, skip the rest, scroll to the bottom, click "Next" and "Done."

If you were not in the 2020 Directory or your contact info has changed, please take a minute to submit your details. Bobbie & Jack would like all the responses by December 15th so they can put together the 2020 Directory in a timely manner.

If you're having trouble filling in the form above, you can also do so by clicking the "Provide Your Contact Details Here" link below and answering the questions in a new window:

Provide Your Contact Details Here

***Please note that your contact details will never be published to the website. They will only be included in our physical, paper Directory.***

Special thanks to Bobbie & Jack!


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