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Vaccine Update: CVS COVID-19 Appointments Now Available

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Good morning Neighbors,

By now, I hope that many of you have been fully vaccinated, received your first dose or are scheduled to do so. This morning, I wanted to share with you some useful information that was shared with me by one of our kind and thoughtful Residents.

CVS is now scheduling COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments, with new appointments available almost daily. As more groups become eligible over the coming weeks and months, I believe that this link will come in handy.

There are appointments all across California and in other select states, so if you like, please feel free to pass this post on to any loved ones that may live else where and still need to get vaccinated.

The great thing about the CVS Vaccine Appointment system is that it is simple and allows you to schedule both doses at the same time. By clicking on the "CVS Vaccine Appointment" link below and selecting California, you are able to scroll through a list of cities to see which ones have availability at any given time, as seen in the image below:

I have been monitoring this link for several days and have observed that there are new appointments available almost daily. Long Beach may be booked today, but if you check tomorrow, there is a good likelihood that an appointment may be available.

If you don't mind taking a little drive, you can also book an appointment at a CVS in a nearby city such as Lakewood which is about 15 minutes away. Just look up the zip code of that city and type it in when looking to make your appointment and you can see what times are available. There is no residency requirement and no need to bring proof that you live in any specific city.

Here is a quick tip: while CVS doesn't let you know which vaccine you are getting at the time you book your appointment, it is pretty easy to figure out. If the appointment for your second dose is offered 21 days after your first, you will be getting Pfizer, and if your first and second dose are scheduled to be 28 days apart, you will be getting Moderna. Once the Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets into their system you will only be making one appointment, and at that time, you can be pretty confident that you will be getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Please keep in mind that different locations can have different vaccines. If your prefer one over another, you can check a CVS in a nearby city, and based on the information above, you will be able to determine which vaccine they have available.

To check for availability of appointments, please click on the "CVS Vaccine Appointment" link below:

CVS Vaccine Appointment Link

To share this post, you can copy the CVS link by clicking on the "chain link" icon below next to the letters "in" on the bottom.

All the best,

Marc Kamyab

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